Skal Roma twins with Skal Stockholm

Skal Roma twins with Skal Stockholm, the city which inspired the name to the Association, during the 70th-anniversary celebrations.

On November the 15th, 2019, SKAL INTERNATIONAL ROMA will celebrate the 70th Anniversary of its foundation. Within the frame of its beautiful and marvelous monuments, the ceremony will be patronized by over 200 delegates coming from all parts of Europe and some from other countries in the world.

In remembering the birth of the Club, we cannot forget someone who has given to it a grade of excellence like Mr. Franco Roscioli, Honorary President of SKAL ROMA, Membre d’Honneur of SKAL INTERNATIONAL and well-known professional hotelier.

On top of this celebration, Skal International Roma will be twinned with Skal International Stockholm, the city which inspired the name to the Association.

It all began in 1932 during the presentation of a new aircraft destined for the Amsterdam-Copenhagen-Malmö route. Air Force Pilot, Captain Carl Florman – Managing Director of A/B Aerotransport – took the opportunity of asking his representative in Paris, Hugo Krafft, to invite 14 travel agents to take the flight.

In Copenhagen, they received a warm welcome with the typical Scandinavian toast, “Skål”! The journey continued by train to Stockholm, where the Swedes’ customary hospitality was outstanding.

Each time glasses were raised in honour of the visitors, the hosts declared “Skål” and it became clear that the word fulfilled all expectations of Sundhet/GoodHealth, Karlek/Friendship, Alder/LongLife , Lycka/Happiness.

Back in Paris, Hugo Krafft gathered together 34 colleagues and they decided to create a tourism club and called it Skål Paris, with Rene Genestie as President.

Two years later, on 28 April 1934, as twelve more Skal Clubs from five countries have been formed, Florimond Volckaert conceived the idea of united them into an international association and so SKAL INTERNATIONAL was born and Volckaert became its Founder President.

But certainly Stockholm was a great inspiration.

Founding Committee: Jules Mohr, Florimond Volckaert, Hugo Krafft, Pierre Soulié, George Ithier

Up to today Skal International counts 400 clubs in over 90 countries with about 15.000 members.

With Stockholm, beside Berlin, Girona, Istanbul, Northern New Jersey, Paris and Ciudad de Mexico, Skal International Roma brings to 7 the twinnings, an important path for professional and personal relations.

The Tourism evolving continuously finds a pivot in the association that Skal represents all the operating categories. Skal proposes a way for an inclusive, sustainable, and international and an innovative way of making tourism.

Twinning’s aim in Skal is the realization of the concept “making business through friendly relations” in respect of Skal motto doing business among friends.

The topic moment of the ceremony will be the signing of the Skal Clubs twinning agreement of the two European Capital Cities and the exchange of the plaques between the President of Skal International Roma Mr Antonio Percario and the President of Skal International Stockholm Mr Bjorn Arvidsson.

The ceremony will also be attended by the International President of Skal Mrs. Lavonne Wittmann, the CEO of Skal International Mrs. Daniela Otero, the Executive Council of Skal Italy and of Skal Roma, the Presidents of the Italian Skal Clubs and the related tourist Associations of Rome, the Italian and foreign press members.

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