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Skal Rome twins with Skal Prague

25 Febbraio 2021 ore 12:30 - 13:30

On the 25th of February the Presidents of Skal Prague, Heinz Riegl, and the President of Skal Roma, Paolo Bartolozzi, will hold a simple ceremony to mark the signing of the twinning agreement between the two clubs.

Italy and the Czech Republic have a strong touristic inter-exchange that needs to be rebooted. Also, the two capital share hundreds of years of history, linked to the great empires of the past, the Catholic Church, and the evolution of industrial production.

Skal Prague was the first club to be established in a former Eastern block country after the fall of the Soviet system.  Now the club is undergoing the same transformation and international growth that Skal Rome has been following in the past years.  The twinning will be an opportunity for growth for all members of the respective clubs.

To participate in the ceremony please connect to the following link:

At the end of the ceremony, we will have a SKAL Toast to properly celebrate.



25 Febbraio 2021
12:30 - 13:30
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