The true meaning of twinnings

On the 20th of April, with the opening of the new direct Aeromexico route, the tour operators of Skal Ciudad de Mexico and Skal Roma held a business session, in view of the upcoming 2025 Jubilee that will see millions of Catholics travelling to the holy locations.

All the key stakeholders of demand, air and local transport, airport services, and ground services suppliers were present between the two locations. The 2025 Jubilee looks far away; however, it is now that all the elements of the future travel packages are being organized and assembled, may it be flight slots, tours, or hotel allotments.

Doing business among friends is the true mission of Skal Clubs for all active members”, said Luigi Sciarra, President of Skal Roma, and team leader of the organization of the event.

We are thrilled to have this direct route to Rome and to be introduced to new partners that will be part of our future business, both to Italy for the Jubilee and to Mexican tourism destinations that Italians love”, said Jose Maria Manzanares Tendilla, President of Skal Ciudad de Mexico.

The operators who participated are members of Skal Roma, Skal Ciudad de Mexico, Skal Napoli, and Skal Monterey, with the presence of the respective National Committees, making this a true inter-club event.

Every operator had the chance to give a personal and professional introduction, outlining the provided services and setting the basis for future business negotiations.

The strong relation between Skal Roma and the Embassy of Mexico brought Minister Mauricio Guerrero, Mission Deputy Chair, who gave a short speech and said that “for healthy economic relations between countries we need this kind of event, facilitating the development of new deals and generating new wealth”.

Tommaso Amodeo, board member of the Rome town council replied that “after almost three years of crisis due to the pandemic Skal confirms its role of a major player in tourism recovery and development”.

Antonella Favaroni, Aeromexico, sales and marketing manager for Italy, gave detailed information about the new route while ensuring the practical operational link between the members of the two Clubs.

The event closed with a cocktail, several Skal toasts, and a Tequila degustation offered by the Mexican Embassy.

President Luigi Sciarra thanked the team for the excellent work while receiving congratulations from members and answering questions from potential new members.

A great Skal success!


The full report of the event will be published soon.