The Rome Bucharest twinning

The first European Skal event in full presence

Rome, July 8, 2021.

Skal Roma and Skal Bucharest celebrated their twinning on the 3d of July 2021 at the prestigious, and historical, Grand Hotel Continental in Bucharest.

Florin Tancu, President of Skal Bucharest, and Luigi Sciarra, President of Skal Roma, underlined the importance of this event. This is the first European Skal event in full presence of the year, obviously complying with the current pandemic rules.

The Skal Roma delegation was composed by Antonio Percario, Paolo Bartolozzi, Tito Livio Mongelli, Vanessa Cerrone, and Ludmila Posilectaia, all members of the Skal Roma Board.

His Excellency Arthur Mattli ambassador in Romania for the Swiss Confederation, and Dr Peter Agripa from Rotary International also participated in the twinning ceremony.

During the traditional toast ending the ceremony, both Presidents spoke about how Rome and Bucharest relate to each other, sharing common linguistic roots, the values ​​of Skal and a very dynamic economic relationship with significant interchange.

The relation between the two clubs will continue implementing a shared program of activities. The program includes the creation of bilateral B2B opportunities, establishing a technical collaboration on web development, sharing best club management practices, organizing more face to face and online joint events.

President Florin Tancu describes the twinning as “a unique relationship for the exchange of ideas and cooperation in the promotion of tourism, overcoming obstacles in the name of friendship and respecting the Skal values of Doing Business Among Friends“.

President Luigi Sciarra sees the twinning as “consistent with all our previous ones, namely Girona, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Prague, Istanbul, Mexico City, and New Jersey. We maintain and develop links between Rome, capitals, and other world locations to aggregate more and more tourism operators around the values of Skal.

The ceremony ended with the exchange of pennants and gifts, including a special parchment diploma.