Skal Europe Network: preparing after

Riceviamo questa lettera dello Skallega Eric Etienne, Consigliere Internazionale, Presidente di Skal UK, membro del direttivo di Skal Europe Network.

Dear Skalleagues, Dear Friends

At first, I hope this letter will find you, your families, colleagues, and employees in good health.

The time being is very difficult, and nobody really knows where we are going.
It is a necessity to confine to save lives, as any contact is a possible death sentence. In protecting ourselves we protect the others.

You will say, yes we know, but my business is collapsing, and what do I do? Our businesses are at risk at the moment. The confinement doesn’t bring money onto the bank account. The period is also a problem as most of our firms (in Europe) were waiting for the end of winter and the start of the spring to see tourists, and have income.

All Europe is getting confined. Travel is not encouraged at all. And that is very good for our health.

But what about our businesses. We have to be ready for after. Most of the European Governments urge not to refund deposits but keep them as deposits for future travels within one year. This is wise, as it leaves money where it is and will ease the restart.

It is also the moment to show SKAL is a great family, and Skalleagues are doing business amongst friends.

If we work closely together, if we give preference to skalleagues, we know we work with people and companies we can trust. In a family when a member has a problem, all the other members help him. We have to do this in Skal. It is ready on the paper but not done as much as possible. The name of this mutual aid is: DOING BUSINESS AMONGST FRIENDS. It is easy and cost nothing, and by doing that we will help each other.

We want to be seen as a TRUSTED VOICE IN TRAVEL AND TOURISM. The time has arrived.

Some of us start to say why the Florimond Volckaert fund to be allowed to give help to individual businesses. I don’t think it is a good idea, as we may need this money to help those in greater difficulties, and this pandemic will bring huge difficulties. So use this money only for urgent needs.

There is something SKAL can do for our BUSINESSES. Skal exhibits on trade fairs. Skal needs to develop this activity, and instead of selling table(s) on a stand, why don’t we invite skalleagues to book appointments, for free, on theses fairs. Let’s present Skal as a Worldwide DMC, as all scoops of the tourism industry are represented.

Why don’t we add an extra section in the SKAL website, presenting short trips programs, drawn by skalleagues, and using skalleagues services?

THIS IS A CONCRETE WAY TO DO BUSINESS AMONGST FRIENDS. (presentation to be identical for every program, under the SKAL CORPORATE IDENTITY, with a link for email towards the Skalleague ).

Our annual congress, this year, in October, is to be held in Croatia. During this congress, we are supposed to have a networking session. It is now time to revamp this networking event, and make it THE EVENT of the congress, the reason why everybody will attend. It has to be a whole day WORKSHOP. With no other activity around, nor meetings of any type. In a way, participation should be compulsory for all active members, either as a seller or buyer.

The event should be absolutely free. Coffee breaks, lunch, and why not get together should be fully sponsored. People not attending the AGM full program would pay for their transport and accommodation, maybe with cheaper options than the main congress hotels.


We need to take profit of this low activity period to work deeper on those concretes ways of doing business amongst friends and make them ready soon to be ready before all the world wake up.

Your views and comments are most welcome. This after initiative must come from a trusted voice in Europe: The SKAL voice.

Stay safe, but active!