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Fragrance Tour

Fragrance Tour

Fragrance Tour and its website www.romeisrome.com was born in 2010 with the aim of introducing a high-quality tourism, at the same time original and interesting, through the customized selection of activities, constantly updated.

We like to name ourselves as “travel artisans” in a time in which the customer is often seen and dealt with as an ordinary consumer, therefore we always search and find the best-suited offers for our client’s taste.

Our adventure begins in Rome, the city that hosts a historical, cultural, artistic and human heritage unique in the world, but that, despite its huge potential for tourist attraction, is often reduced to a basic stopover with a poor and standardized tour offer that reveal to the visitor little or nothing of the city’s culture and soul.

Our mission is to “take by hand” the visitors from all over the world and lead them to discover the authentic Rome and its unusual sides mostly unknown by mass tourism.
Behind Fragrance Tour and Romeisrome there are people who have a passion for the city of Rome:

Thanks to our experience and our knowledge of the city and its cultural, artistic and gastronomic best offers, we have carefully selected activities and experiences to know Rome in all its aspects and to live this city as Romans do.

On our site you can compose your journey to your taste, carried away by your emotions… or you can buy the packages created with the purpose of engaging all your senses, or you can purchase your customized roadbook.

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