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A member of Skål International will actively participate in all Skål activities, and if possible, on all levels of Skål organization.
A member of Skål International is obliged to follow standard business rules in communication with other Skål members.A member of Skål International should be prepared, whenever possible, to accept and resolve tasks coming from his/her Club, as well as coming from other Skål bodies.
A member of Skål International should promote and improve the attractiveness of the activities offered by SI in his/her region or country, thereby increasing the value of Skål membership.
A member of Skål International is aware of the Florimond Volckaert Fund (FVF), its relevance to Skalleagues, and will endeavour to support the FVF whenever possible.
A member of Skål International should endeavour to use the Skål International website at all times, to obtain information and benefits of Skål membership, as well as the website of his/her SI Club, if such exists.
A member of Skål International should utilize the international network of Skål members and contacts when travelling worldwide and visiting other Clubs.
A member of Skål International is obliged to demonstrate respect for diversity and promoting equality among SI members and will be accountable for their actions with other skalleagues.
A member of Skål International is obliged to wear the official Skål Pin when attending all regular Skål gatherings. It is recommended to wear your Skål Pin to promote Skål International at all other times.

Prior to receiving membership with SkåI International I agree to review the following information pertaining to the Skål International:
1. History of Skål International
2. Skål Vision Statement
3. Skål Mission Statement
4. Skål Core Values
5. Florimond Volckaert Fund
6. Organizational Structure

Skål International makes known of the existence of a computerised file of personal data in which the details given by you will be included to permit the control and follow-up of the services offered to members. In addition, some of these details have been included in a file which is held in the “Members Only” area of our website www.skal.org and can be consulted by other members on the introduction of a password. By forwarding your personal information, you agree to the use of this computerised file and the receipt of messages and news relative to Skål International in accordance with the terms of the current legislation on data protection (LOPD 15/99). However, you have the right to access, rectification and opposition at any time you feel appropriate by means of a written, signed request to Skål International, P.O. Box 466, 29620 Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain.

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